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Trialling with the All Wheel Drive Club (AWDC)

One option with the AWDC is to trial Road Taxed Vehicles (RTV's), minor modifications are allowed on these vehicles. A number of sections are made up of 'gates' (two canes, the left one has a red marker the right one a white marker) the gates are numbered starting with the highest (usually 10 but may be more) each driver has to drive thro' as many gates as possible, in sequence, without hitting them, coming to a halt or reversing. Long wheel base (100"+) vehicles are allowed one shunt between two gates which must be called by the driver before starting the section. There are some other rules but that is basically it. If a fault is made the score is that of the next gate to the one successfully completed. The driver with the fewest points for all sections combined is the winner. The sections are not timed, but please finish to-day!

Other trials include Family Vehicles (FTV) meant for beginners and RTV+ and Modified trials. The latter two are much more serious than us RTV drivers. They must have roll cages and more modifications are allowed. The terrain they attempt is rather interesting to say the least.

You can download some video clips in 'mpeg' format, with sound, video duration & file size details with each clip, these have been re-recorded with better quality (352 by 288) but with more compression and in some cases have produced smaller files :-



V12 in a Landie

Russell's V12 Jag powered Land Rover
Russel in his Jag in a Box here, (4.2 secs; 422Kb)

A short climb

A little hill here, (4.0 secs; 321Kb)

Into a little gully

Drop into a gully here, (13.48 secs; 814Kb)

Double tow

Double towing here, (17.52 secs; 1078Kb) BTW I got stuck in the same spot, you couldn't see the ground for the nettles, so it was a case of pot luck to get thro' at all. This demonstrates how everyone joins in to help each other

modified' course

Setting up the Modified Vehicle course here, (7 secs; 492 Kb) Not for my little old Jeep.

More clips , the stills displayed are the same frame size as the video clips

For more information about off-roading and a better variety of (still) pictures go to-

All Wheel Drive Club (AWDC) This is British

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